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Betterpath’s mission is to create a single platform where you can access all of your medical data. To get there, we developed The Recap: everything about you, indexed, searchable, and transformed to provide you with a cohesive view of your health. The Recap connects all your health records from all your care providers into a digitized summary of facts individually pertinent to you. Armed with a Recap, you become the expert in your own health, and can share that expertise with providers and caregivers to design individualized intervention plans. Add in your wearable, genomic, therapeutic and self-reported data, and the Recap becomes the most holistic personal health record (PHR) available today.

For patients, caregivers and families: Betterpath will soon introduce the Recap PHR as a freemium web application that allows you to unlock value-added features and continuously improve the completeness of your health data. Stay tuned!

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