The key to better health

We are entering an unprecedented period of social possibility that will fundamentally alter the way we create, share and express value. Blockchain’s emergence marks an inflection point where systems are unlocking value simply by connecting information more efficiently.

In healthcare, the potential for this technology to unlock the $1T in value currently wasted each year is only limited by our inability to access complete sets of health information (i.e. a complete medical record).

Betterpath is committed to unlocking the value of complete health data by empowering the only stakeholder with access to all of their health information: you, the consumer.

The power of complete information

Right now, 80% of all health data is unstructured and rarely used for treatment or analysis. Many system-wide healthcare issues impacting all Americans can be traced back to the fact that a lot of the relevant information about our health isn’t properly communicated.

Betterpath solves this problem by transforming both unstructured and structured data into a single language - a “lingua franca” for health information.

The expansion of knowledge

We are building a platform where all stakeholders in healthcare will benefit from consumer-controlled health records. The technical capacity to realize this system now exists, but the gatekeeper to complete health information must be motivated to take on the burden of collecting all their health data from all its sources.

Betterpath solves this problem by making data ownership financially meaningful, easing the burden of data collection while reducing the cost of healthcare to you, the consumer. By aligning disparate silos of information around each individual, Betterpath seeks to reconcile crucial supplies of health data to facilitate progress toward a more holistic health system.

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