Built for complete data

Betterpath believes healthcare will evolve continuously as we build better, more accurate information based on complete data. That’s why our intellectual property focuses on capturing, transforming and analyzing health information from any source, regardless of format.


    US Patent 2016/0110502 A1: “Human and Machine Assisted Data Curation for Producing High Quality Data Sets from Medical Records”
  • Disease-specific data models generated via Unified Medical Language System (UMLS®) Semantic Network integration
  • Direct primary source linkage via NLP-based entity extraction ensures all data can be traced back to its original source


    Integrated Biomedical Interoperability Engine
  • Uses UMLS® Metathesaurus to map key terminology, classification and coding standards
  • “Makes sense” of clinical text by transforming unstructured and structured data into a single language - a lingua franca for health information
  • Serves as the foundation for producing complete datasets: the missing keystone for actionable machine learning and artificial intelligence in medicine


    US Patent 9,202,066: “Integrated Healthcare Systems and Methods”
  • Proprietary method for identifying best clinical practices in ANY disease based on comparative treatment effectiveness in phenotypically similar patients
  • Depends on access to complete, interoperable information to support a processing engine that uses cost as a vector for determining long-term treatment outcomes

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