Better treatment starts
with better data

Betterpath Empower ™

    Virtual Onboarding and Education Tool for Clinical Trial Stakeholders
  • Easily and automatically educate all stakeholders about all aspects of a trial without relying on a dedicated employee
  • Provide targets with a seamless user experience to reduce burden of information collection and improve study participation
  • Efficiently capture demographic and medical history details without a dedicated employee
  • Improve error-prone workflows by standardizing content across different study sites

Betterpath Prequalify ™

    Accelerated Chart Review Engine (Artificial Intelligence Driven)
  • Leverage technology to accelerate participant qualification and onboarding into clinical trials
  • Increase the efficiency of required chart-review activities by up to 10x
  • Improve error-prone workflows by standardizing how data is abstracted from chart to database

Betterpath Recap ™

    Individualized Engagement and Compliance Support Tool
  • Improve trial recruitment by providing value back to patients and key stakeholders
  • Fulfill reporting requirements for study monitors, patient satisfaction metrics, and medication compliance
  • Improve measurable outcomes through data-fueled decision making
  • Customize user interfaces and access credentials for multiple roles, and provide global accessibility in a secure environment

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