Consumer-directed eXchange

Introducing the Consumer-Directed eXchange (CDX): A data Co-Op that shares profits with consumers based on the commercial use of their health data.

Organizations spend billions each year for access to data, yet the owners of that data (you, the consumer) remain absent from the equation. This must change.

CDX builds the foundation for a new cooperative economy based on the collective social utility of comprehensive information.

To prove the potential value of comprehensive health information, Betterpath will raise capital from accredited investors through a Simple Agreement for Future Token (SAFT) offering to stimulate CDX marketplace activation.

The promise of evidence-based, personalized medicine can only be achieved when we use all of a person’s data. Betterpath’s CDX provides the infrastructure to make this possible. Join us on Telegram here!

Download Whitepaper v0.1 Download SAFT Offering

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