Better data for better decisions

Harmonious data has inherent value.

Betterpath’s long-term vision is to become the intermediary entrusted to manage the exchange of value between communities (supply of data) and research (demand for data). To support this vision, Betterpath is deploying our current suite of bespoke software solutions to improve the recruitment process for clinical research enterprises.

Our first product, the Recap (2015)

Core Values


Patients First

When a patient’s well-being is on the line, errors derived from a lack of access to complete data are unacceptable. For this reason, Betterpath employs a person-centric value set to inform the design, functionality and quality assurance behind our products. From the integrity of our code to the logic behind our algorithms, we leverage a stakeholder-driven process built on insights from some of the industry’s greatest leaders


Continuous Improvement

Instead of incremental improvements, Betterpath operationalizes the most advanced technologies to solve healthcare challenges at the system level. Our continuous improvement principle motivates us to build and improve our products in two ways: By applying existing and proven technologies, and by inventing entirely new ones to drive progress at scale.



“At least you have your health” is a widely used phrase that puts the importance of good health above and beyond all other variables into perspective. As a technology and data-driven organization firmly rooted in the patient’s perspective, we continuously strive to deploy solutions that impact the most important aspects of people’s lives: Their health, and the health of their loved ones.

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